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Our Planning Services

We are independent financial advisors. We do not represent any specific financial institution or firm. We choose to be independent so that our recommendations can be based on what best serves our clients.

Once you've met us, and come to understand our recommendations, you may choose to engage in a working relationship with our team. If and when that happens, we will assist you to establish a well-balanced, properly structured investment and insurance portfolio. Manulife Securities Incorporated is our securities dealer. Under the Manulife Securities banner we offer a wealth of investments, providing us with plenty of room to customize our clients' portfolios.

Because together we have been in this business for 56+ years, we have strong relationships with several large insurance companies. Most insurance services fall outside the scope of Manulife Securities Incorporated and are administered with individual companies under Denroche & Co. Financial Planning & Wealth Management. 

How We are Paid.

As independent financial advisors, we are compensated for our work in a variety of ways.

Trailing Compensation:
If your personal financial portfolio is both designed and implemented by us, you will receive our financial planning services at no charge. The financial institutions whose products are used to implement your plan will pay us directly. Transaction fees may apply if you hold individual securities in your portfolio.

Management Fees:
For qualified clients, based on a minimum account size, we offer a Fee based account called Premier, in which all fees and commissions are "wrapped" into a single quarterly fee. This fee is based on a percentage of the assets held in your portfolio resulting in lower overall charges and management fees.

We also offer fee-for-service financial planning, for select clients who wish to use our planning services only and purchase their financial products elsewhere.